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Looking to start my photography and I'd like to ask what brand of camera would be best to buy.  


matt-607 1445013063

Highly recommends Nikon D750

Afana 1445262438

Canon and Nikon are almost exactly the same in what they can do and in what they cost.   I started with Canon and have stayed with Canon. The camera and lens depends very miuch on your budget?  If you're planning to get serious then best to start with a DSLR camera (if you don't know what DSLR means then I suggest that you start reading articles in the internet .. there is heaps to read on starting up photography).  it is also a very good investment to attend a one or two day beginner's course to show you how to use the features on your camera.  Sounds obvious but most never learn the basics and consequently keep themselves limited (and in blissful ignorance) forever. It's like trying to learn a language without learning the grammar.

Gunners77 1445274341

Agree with Afana and Matt, I also go with Nikon. However, to each his own. Do check out online forums for photography enthusiasts on personal preferences and experiences- could be of big help too.  

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