Public golf clubs

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Dave Turner



Does anyone know whether there are any public golf courses or clubs in Moscow?


Afana 1415650901

No 'public' golf courses but there is at least one private golf club:  Moscow Country Club: 

Keith-983145 1415816973

The golf clubs offer at least a year membership. Isn't it too early to go green?

Dave Turner 1415977254

Hey thanks for the info, guys. I found out while searching the web that there are two greens in Moscow area haven't tried calling them. If anyone is interested, aside from afana's link here is the other one,

Afana 1415977833

If you're interested in indoor golf then this event might be interesting to you:

Here's the website:

Keith-983145 1416587126

Hey Dave, a friend mentioned that maybe indoor would be better. Afana has pointed out interesting sites that keeps on showing up on google. And guess what, this board or angloinfo has a listing of potential tutorials. Here is the Angloinfo Golf Clubs & Courses.

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