Ultimate frisbee

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Looking to join a club on ultimate frisbee; have played a little before and would like to have a go again while staying here. Any recommendations?


i_am_edward 1438883853

A group often plays at the Moscow University on Sundays, dont have any contact but come around this Sunday so you can have a word with them

Keith-983145 1439234918

Thanks i_am_edward!

granpapa 1439323578

anything players would want to invite a not so very old granpapa? I mean would the players accomodate a not so grumpy guy.

i_am_edward 1439410615

no offense granpapa but you can always try going to the University. Not to have a degree or something but you know what I mean.

granpapa 1439584948

students should be easy to play with. but they are faster than my age.

OliveA 1440016023

Hey granpapa, I could just have a couple of throws on a Sunday.

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