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Skating ring is opening  tomorrow at Sokolniki park, October 26th at 7pm.  I am going, are you?

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Can anyone advice on a swimming pool in Moscow, where one can go wihout a health sertificate?  Better somwhere not far from the Garden Ring. 

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Since we still have a few relaxed weeks left in August, could somebody advice on good weekend travel destinations around Moscow? 2-3 day trips?  Thanks much!

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Hi there!  Can you give me hints on good language schools in Moscow?   Downtown would be great.  I would like to learn some Russian after work.  Thank you for all leads!

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Has anybody tried Moscow water ferries for outside of Moscow?  I know that they go in the city - nice option during hot summer days, but have never tried to go for the whole day outside of Moscow?  I heard that there are such trips.  Anybody had an experience?  Anything to share?

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Can anyone recommend tennis teacher and location to play that are not outrageously expensive? Thank you!

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Russia seems to be doing very well at Universiada!  Now World will know about city called Kazan :)

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Can anybody recommend good sports clubs in Moscow?  Maybe there are several across the city?  Would be great if one also has a swimming pool.  Thank you!

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