HIC’s Green Card for expats will ensure you hold all the aces


It’s easier to travel to Europe than it has ever been and far off lands in which to work, rest and play, are becoming more and more accessible to motorists.

Each year we travel further in our quest to fulfill our appetites for the great outdoors, the new, the undiscovered and the unknown.

To help facilitate that freedom of spirit, HIC has developed a whole raft of insurance policies designed to give you peace of mind and ensure you are well-protected wherever the wanderlust takes you.

Whether you are selling up home and buying a camper to get lost in France, heading off to enjoy the dolce vita in Venice, soak up the sun in Spain, or pursue that dream job opportunity in Portugal, HIC will have the perfect competitively-priced policy to meet and beat your motor insurance needs for an extended foreign stay.

HIC’s specialist expat policies ensure you are holding all the aces. They provide comprehensive car insurance while you live and drive across Europe and beyond, while at the same time providing Green Card insurance when you return home.

Now HIC have sorted the motor insurance for your trip of a lifetime, here is some handy advice to help ensure your passage is trouble-free and enjoyable. But, beware, drivers can face stiff penalties for motoring offences in Europe.

To find out more about HIC’s great deals call 0330 123 1840 from a mobile or 0344 381 6530 from a landline.