Open your Professional Potential with Zen Training

“The Zen Business Leader” is a workshop on self-leadership, zen meditation, and mindfulness. This workshop offers a four-day immersion in mediation and interactive learning to lay the foundation for a practice path of self-leadership which is an essential component of any leadership development. How can mindfulness and its foundations contribute to being a better leader? 

Silence and mindful listening are inquired as approaches to deeper understanding, reduction of bias, and the resolution of conflicts.

One of Otto Scharmer’s key theses in his “Theory U” that will be part of the workshop is the blind spot of leadership, “the inner place – the source – from which we operate when we act, communicate, perceive, or think.” While we focus extensively on how and what we do, we ignore our interior condition which is critical to the success of what we undertake. This corresponds to century-old teachings of Zen and which have been adapted for Western leaders by the Zen Leadership Academy, founded by Zen Master Hinnerk Syobu Polenski.

Who should participate? Being a leader is not a question of rank but a mindset. Everyone who wishes to embark on a path of self-leadership is welcome. The workshop is designed for people who are new to meditation, and it will offer helpful instructions and experiences. Often, a sceptical approach is an excellent starting point when combined with an open mind. More advanced mediation practitioners will find specific instruction adapted to them.

Register now and unlock your leadership potential: October 18-21, 2022, at the Zen Monastery in Buchenberg (Bavaria),