Complementary Therapies & Wellness

ENT Practice Dr. Rosenthal
ENT practice offering alternative therapies including classic homeopathy and naturopathic treatments. At Waisenhausstr. 56, 80637 Munich.
Dr Mansour Nosratian
General psychotherapy and natural healing, disease management and health check-ups. 
CFK Munich
Complimentary therapy services in orthopaedics, osteopathy, pediatrics, pain therapy and childrens osteopathy At Lortzingstr. 26, 81241 Munich.
Praxis Weidl
Ayurvedic Massage treatments, classical homeopathy, cranio-sacral osteopathy, acupunture and additional therapies. Monday – Saturday from 10:00-20:00 by appointment only. At Grimmstrasse 1, 80336 Munich.
Joe Ferraro Heilpraktiker (Alternative Practitioner)
Alternative practitioner offering rebalancing: manual therapy for body and mind including postural problems, sport and dance injuries, depression and integrative orthopedic pain therapy. At Ickstattstrasse 32, 80469 Munich.
Heilpraxis Bruckmeier
Mental health therapist and Reiki practitioner with extensive experience and education in the USA and the UK; speaking English like a native speaker. Offering body-oriented psychotherapy, trauma therapy, stress reduction and management, burnout, PTSD and....
Olf Stoiber
Hypnosis and psychotherapy practice offering help with smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety, depression, business coaching and skill building.