Hospitals & Health Centres

Rotkreuz Krankenhaus / Red Cross Hospital
General hospital. At Nymphenburger Strasse 163, 80634 Munich.
Apex Spine Center
The APEX SPINE CENTER in Munich is specialized in professional diagnosis and treatment of back pain and diseases of the spinal column.
Isar Kliniken GmbH
Medical and specialist care centre. See website for details of services offered. At Sonnenstr. 24-26, 80331 Munich
Munich Municipal Hospital Group
Overview in English of hospitals in the Munich area with details of patient services and departments offered.
Rinecker Proton Therapy Centre
Unique clinic which is the first European proton radiation centre for cancer treatment. See website for full details.
Diagnoseklinik Muenchen
Prevention and diagnostic clinic for the treatment of cancer, Parkinsons disease, allergies and other illnesses (see website). At Augustenstrasse 115, 80798 Munich.
Krankenhaus Muenchen-Schwabing
General hospital with accident and emergency service. At Koelner Platz 1, 80804 Munich.
Hospital Thalkirchner Strasse
Hospital with 131 beds specialising in allergology and dermatology. At Thalkirchner Strasse 48, 80337 Munich.
Harlaching Hospital
Hospital with 749 beds. See link for details of services offered. At Sanatoriumsplatz 2, 81545 Munich.
Krankenhaus Bogenhausen
Hospital with 1000 beds and 18 specialist departments including intensive care. Also has a heliport. At Englschalkinger Strasse 77, 81925 Munich.
Airport Clinic M
Airport hospital for travellers and air crew. At Munich Airport, Terminal 1, Modul E, Level 3, 85356 Munich.
European CyberKnife Centre
Specialist state-of-the-art, private hospital for the treatment of brain and spinal tumours. At Max Lebsche Platz 31, 81377 Munich.