IT, Security & Network Installations

Engert Netzwerkdienste
Internet access installation and network configuration. Server housing, regular maintenance and servicing. At Kapuzinerstrasse 8, 80337 Munich.
IT services for private and business clients including WLAN, repairs, networks, data recovery, hosting, data security and more.
PC Spezialist
Specialist computer store: computer sales and parts, removal of virus damaged software, internet security, advice on configuration (webcams, microphones and remote access services. Also online shop. At Wasserburger Landstrasse 280, 81827 Munich.
TP Networks Dienstleistungs GmbH
Data security and network installation service. At Klausenburger Strasse 9, 81677 Munich.
Conodi Ltd
Network planning and installation, leasing, maintenance and repairs. Internet security. Offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt. At Sandrartstr. 24, 80687 Munich (ring 30 minutes before visiting).
Pax Systems
Internet security, system optimisation, data rescue and remote maintenance service with over 20 years experience. At Hedwig-Dransfeld-Allee 20 80637 Munich.