Cheap Car, Good deal?

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I have been offered a great looking BMW 320 estate, 2 years old with just 30k km for an irresistible price from a private seller. How can I find out if the kms have been rolled back?


Pigeonpie 1377074071

A BMW garage/mechanic will be able to advise you I'm sure. 

John M Brown 1377107223

I second that. They can find out info like that by slotting the key into their special machine.

Brian Hallas 1377198541

Good to know, I just wonder if the guy is going to let me take the keys off to a dealer before buying it...

Brian Hallas 1377451958

Just to let you all know I have decided against buying the car in question. I think I will opt for a new car instead to avoid all risks!

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