High Pitch Alert

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I recently killed a rabbit on a countryside road and I did some reading about high pitch alert systems to attach to your bumper to prevent this happening. Has anyone tried out this system? I'd love to hear your thoughts before investing.


Rebecca Farrar 1396454294

I have them on my bumper, I don't know if they are effective or not but seeing as I paid less than 10 Euros for them on Amazon, they are worth having in any case.

John M Brown 1396542953

Good to know! I hadn't looked into the cost!

German Guy 1397064643

What a good idea! I have never heard of that. I once ran over a cat in my car, it was a terrible experience and of course, the animal died. I think I will look into that device too.

John M Brown 1397154391

Tell me about it! If we can prevent any more animals being killed, then all drivers should stick them on. In fact cars should come with them built in if they are so inexpensive!

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