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we are coming over for a holiday later this year, can anyone recommend a hire car company please.


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Most of the big names have branches here - we rented from Avis to go to Luxembourg and they had a pretty big choice of vehicle. Another time when we were coming back to the UK we got a free upgrade to an Audi A6 which was great! Are you flying here? Some airlines have deals with car hire companies which offer you a discount if you book when you land - or you can book online at the same time as your flight. You could also check to see which car rental companies have branches at whichever airport you are flying into ...

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Thanks, we are staying with friends who will get us from the airport, but as they work don't want to be reliant on them for transport the whole time. Looking for a small, economical vehicle as it is just 2 of us.

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Are you sure you'll need a car - if your friends live close to public transport links you would probably be better off using the buses and S-bahn

Inacorner 1362734195

Hi pixie,

No I hadn't really thought about public transport. Is it fairly comfortable to use? 

Thanks for your comment, you've got me thinking now! Will def be checking up with our friends later to see what they think about this option.

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The public transport system is great - there are trams too! I think it will be miles cheaper for you by comparison with car hire charges - you can find general information here which will lead you to pages with general information etc. http://www.muenchen.de/int/en/traffic/public-transport.html adn this one for ticket prices for day, weekly or montly passes http://www.muenchen.de/int/en/traffic/public-transport/tickets/tickets-at-a-glance.html Hope this helps with planning your visit

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Fantastic! I think we are pretty much into the idea of giving the public transport systems a try.  What a great site this is, everyone has been so helpful with all of our questions. Thanks to all!

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You will see so much more of the city hopping on and off buses and trams - when i first came here i used to jump on any bus just to see where it ended up at - some very strange places i probably would never have visited otherwise (and havent been back to) but its nice to go on a bus voyage of discovery. Many tourists do the hop on and off tour which is great if your only here for a short time - this is where it goes to http://www.munich-touristinfo.de/stops.htm

Buses leave daily from opposite hauptbahnhof from mid morning.

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