Private Car Rental

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I have heard there are people in Munich who rent out their own cars when they are not using them. I would be very interested in this service but I don't know where to look. Any ideas?


jonnybgood-880244 1362089759

Not something I've heard of - how does that work with insurance then?

John M Brown 1362126306

I suppose they need an insurance which covers the car to be driven by anyone..not 100% sure myself. I hope someone will have heard of this scheme; it sounds like such a great idea and I'd like to get involved.

Oscar1986 1362129054

I don't know how I'd feel about strangers driving my car - some people drive like idiots burning gas and if it wasn't there car probably wouldnt give a dam! There would be a lot of extra wear and tear on to contend with and of course the mileage would increas - how's that going to affect the vehicle depreciation - me thinks much faster than normal.

MikeyMonkey 1362383996

you can rent private cars through a third party - they take care of the insurance and it is incorporated into the overall cost. This is one company which offers private carsharing - the site is in german only

John M Brown 1362423839

Thanks Mikey!

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