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Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move.  Thanks and all the best,  Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv    020 7598 7209

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Does anyone know of a stand up comedy club in Munich? German speaking only is fine. Thanks in advance!

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I have noticed on my schedule that I will be in Munich for work on March 17th. Can anyone tell me if there are any St Parick's celebrations I could go to in Munich that night?

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Has anyone seen this film yet and if so would you consider it suitable for a 14 year old? My niece is on at me to take her but the subject matter is putting me off. Also, where could I see it in English or at least with English subtitles.

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Does anyone know when the new Bradley Cooper film, American Hustle comes out here and where I will be able to see it in English or at least with English subtitles?

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We are just deciding where to go tomorrow evening. We are twenty somethings with a tight budget. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Can anyone tell me if there is any outdoor festive entertainment taking place in central Munich on Christmas Eve?

started by: Rebecca Farrar · last update: 1387295279 · posted: 1386530855

I'd love to take my daughter to a traditional Christmas German carol concert in the next week or so? Any suggestions for central Munich?

started by: Jerry11 · last update: 1382515947 · posted: 1382431926

A friend of my folks is a keen opera fan and is desperate to see Jonas Kaufmann perform live - does anyone know if he is doing any dates in Munich in the next year or so?

started by: Rebecca Farrar · last update: 1380290808 · posted: 1377291383

Does anyone know if there is a German-English bilingual quiz taking place from time to time in Munich? I've heard these can be great fun and a good way of improving your German!

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Can anyone tell me if there are any open air jazz concerts taking place this August in Munich?

started by: German Guy · last update: 1371403840 · posted: 1369337043

I'm looking for a club in Munich offering a funk music evening. Can anyone help me?

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Where I can find shop that is selling satellite receivers? I am looking for Vu+ Solo2. Thank you

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I have been given the perilous task of organising my brother's stag party here in Munich and I am looking for some ideas; noting too raucous however, we are all dads!

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Does anyone know how to join a library here? And whether there is a library which has some english books available?

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Further to my previous questions I was wondering which sights/attractions that people would rate "worth visiting", so we can plan out our stay....

started by: Rebecca Farrar · last update: 1362126348 · posted: 1362077653

I'd like to find a cup cake class for my best friend's hen party I am organising. Do you happen to know of one in Munich? We all speak reasonable German.

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Hello, I would like to surpise my other half with an original Valentine's getaway this weekend. Any suggestions? We are quite sporty and we love animals. We don't have kids.

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Anyone know if he is coming to Munich - heard he is touring this year?

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As many of you may have noticed, in Munich you can buy fireworks in any supermarket with no restriction what so ever. If you are thinking about adding some explosive effects to your New Years Eve Party, please read the following paragraph about the German Law for explosives. "This article is from the Model Rockets FAQ, by Wolfram von Kiparski with numerous contributions by others. 13.6.1 German Explosives Law The German explosives legislation is divided into several sections: The 'Sprengstoffgesetz' (SprengG), the '1. and 2. Verordnung zum SprengG' (1.und 2. SprengV), and the according 'Verwaltungsrichtlinien'. For rocketeers the most important parts are paragraph 27 of the SprengG and the 1. and 2. SprengV which regulate handling and storage of pyrotechnic devices. The 'Verwaltungsrichtlinien' are also very interesting because they define, how the office people will (have to) react to inquiries. The SprengG divides Pyrotechnic devices into 6 different classes: - Class I (very small fireworks) These (eg. sparklers) may be bought and used throughout the year, even by children. No rockets are allowed in class I. - Class II (small fireworks) These are the common end-of-the-year fireworks. May be bought by adults during the last three days of the year, and may only be used on 31st of December and 1st of January. - Class III (medium fireworks) and - Class IV (big fireworks) may be bought and used only by licensed people (license according to paragraph 7, 20 or 27 of the German explosives law). Storage has to be done in approved storage places. - Class T1 (small technical pyrotechnic devices) These may be bought by adults and used by people of at least 14 years (under adult supervision from 14-17) throughout the year. Limitation for rocket motors in this class is 20g of propellant. That's why German rocketeers are usually stuck with A/B/C motors. - Class T2 (big technical pyrotechnic devices) Everything that is not considered display fireworks and anything too big to be class T1. For rocket motors this means anything with more than 20g of propellant AND also clustering and staging of T1 motors. (!!!). So if you plan to launch eg. an Estes Commanche, get your T2-license first! All pyrotechnic devices except class IV have to be approved by the 'Bundesanstalt fuer Materielforschung und -Pruefung' (BAM). In order to get approved, the device and the contained pyrotechnic compounds have to pass a number of tests to assure stability in storage, safety in handling and use, and quality of the products. The manufacturer will have to demonstrate acceptible quality control practices to be sure that subsequent production runs of the product will equal the tested ones. From time to time, additional samples have to be sent to the BAM for quality assurance verification."  

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