New Years Eve and Fireworks - Know the Law!

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As many of you may have noticed, in Munich you can buy fireworks in any supermarket with no restriction what so ever. If you are thinking about adding some explosive effects to your New Years Eve Party, please read the following paragraph about the German Law for explosives. "This article is from the Model Rockets FAQ, by Wolfram von Kiparski with numerous contributions by others. 13.6.1 German Explosives Law The German explosives legislation is divided into several sections: The 'Sprengstoffgesetz' (SprengG), the '1. and 2. Verordnung zum SprengG' (1.und 2. SprengV), and the according 'Verwaltungsrichtlinien'. For rocketeers the most important parts are paragraph 27 of the SprengG and the 1. and 2. SprengV which regulate handling and storage of pyrotechnic devices. The 'Verwaltungsrichtlinien' are also very interesting because they define, how the office people will (have to) react to inquiries. The SprengG divides Pyrotechnic devices into 6 different classes: - Class I (very small fireworks) These (eg. sparklers) may be bought and used throughout the year, even by children. No rockets are allowed in class I. - Class II (small fireworks) These are the common end-of-the-year fireworks. May be bought by adults during the last three days of the year, and may only be used on 31st of December and 1st of January. - Class III (medium fireworks) and - Class IV (big fireworks) may be bought and used only by licensed people (license according to paragraph 7, 20 or 27 of the German explosives law). Storage has to be done in approved storage places. - Class T1 (small technical pyrotechnic devices) These may be bought by adults and used by people of at least 14 years (under adult supervision from 14-17) throughout the year. Limitation for rocket motors in this class is 20g of propellant. That's why German rocketeers are usually stuck with A/B/C motors. - Class T2 (big technical pyrotechnic devices) Everything that is not considered display fireworks and anything too big to be class T1. For rocket motors this means anything with more than 20g of propellant AND also clustering and staging of T1 motors. (!!!). So if you plan to launch eg. an Estes Commanche, get your T2-license first! All pyrotechnic devices except class IV have to be approved by the 'Bundesanstalt fuer Materielforschung und -Pruefung' (BAM). In order to get approved, the device and the contained pyrotechnic compounds have to pass a number of tests to assure stability in storage, safety in handling and use, and quality of the products. The manufacturer will have to demonstrate acceptible quality control practices to be sure that subsequent production runs of the product will equal the tested ones. From time to time, additional samples have to be sent to the BAM for quality assurance verification."  


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Great info cheers! Where's the best place to get decent fireworks?

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I have no idea where are the best (In terms of quality and security) but one can buy it anywhere - VMarkt, Lidl, Aldi, Tangleman, Rewe...

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Just don't want to buy any old rubbish that's all - we got a giant box from a supermarket a couple of years ago and they were pretty much a damp squib. It was a pathetic display and I vowed then not to waste loads of money on inferior fireworks ever again!!

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From the Hamburg Anglo Info website:

"Hamburg Fire Department: Be Careful with Firework

Here’s some advice by the Hamburg Fire Department:

Fireworks are sold in different categories:

  • Category 1 – Very Small Fireworks (Imprint BAM-F1-XXXX) 

  • Category 2 – Small Fireworks (Imprint BAM-F2-XXXX)

  • Category 3 – Medium Fireworks (Imprint BAM-F3-XXXX)

  • Category 4 – Explosive devices for professionals

Fireworks of Category 2 can be let off on January 31 between 18:00 and 1:00 in the morning, and these can be purchased by adults only.

Category 3 and 4 may not be sold or used without special permission.

And here some tips by Hamburg fire fighters for the safe use on New Years’s Eve:

  • Close windows and hatches of your home, garages and office rooms

  • Do not let off fireworks in closed rooms or on the balcony

  • Do not start the firecrackers off your hand but from the floor, then keep a 3 to 5 m distance

  • To start rockets,  put them into a bottle on the floor

  • Never produce fireworks by yourself and do not alter rockets you bought

  • Storage and transport in closed cases, and never near your body

Source: Feuerwehr Hamburg"

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