Original Valentine's

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Hello, I would like to surpise my other half with an original Valentine's getaway this weekend. Any suggestions? We are quite sporty and we love animals. We don't have kids.


MikeyMonkey 1360702557

Are you looking for somewhere near here or somewhere warmer? You could see if there are any cheap flights from Munich to France, Spain and Italy + book a hotel .... only problem might be school hols - not sure when they are but they do affect the flight prices.

Drachsi 1360753198

As there is less than 24 hours to go, you could send an e-card from http://www.jacquielawson.com/


ManicMonday 1360829042

If you're still stumped today you could tell her you've got her a special surprise for later and take her to a sporting event you'd both like to see - thomas cook do sporting packages http://www.thomascooksport.com/

John M Brown 1360870204

Thanks for your suggestions guys. In the end it looks like we're going to stay here with a nice bottle of champagne, sushi and a beautiful bouquet of roses and jasmin.

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