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I am looking For an English playgroup fir me and my lttle one. 12 months. Any suggestions?

started by: Brian Hallas · last update: 1459853724 · posted: 1406800951

Can anyone recommend a site or a company they have used to find an English speaking live-in nanny please?

started by: Torontonian · last update: 1449586461 · posted: 1400620969

Hi there, My friend and I are first-time moms with young babies looking to start a mommy's group meet-up in the west end of the city (around Pasing area), anyone interested in joining us please reply!  :) VS

started by: Corina-10049458 · last update: 1440196816 · posted: 1440196816

Hello. We are from Romania, we want to move in Munich and we are looking for a kindergarten for children with special needs. We have a little girl that has a rare disease that don't let her to walk, to speak, to do things by her self. We want to offer her a better life and for that we need to work in Germany. And we have to find a kindergarten that can take care of our little beauty.  If you cn offer me a solution, please write me! A nice day!!!

started by: Sharanya · last update: 1435243487 · posted: 1435243487

Hi,We moving to Munich this August with one daughter 2 years old.Can anyone recommend a kindergarten/Pre-K/Nursery that accepts this age group and has available space from this August?

started by: John M Brown · last update: 1397671528 · posted: 1397671528

Do you know of any easter egg hunts organised for kids this weekend? We are in central Munich.

started by: Brian Hallas · last update: 1394968889 · posted: 1391627103

Does anyone know where I can buy a German made artisanal wooden rocking horse please? I dream of buying one for my baby for when she is a little older!

started by: German Guy · last update: 1386960187 · posted: 1385496773

Can anyone point me in the direction of a large store selling all things related to babies? I don't have a car so I need to be able to get there from central Munich by public transport.

started by: louiechip · last update: 1383425699 · posted: 1383370590

Hi everyone, wondering if anyone can shed any light on whether my three daughters will be able to attend a normal local German school here, They are 9, 5 and 3 ( nearly 4) and particularly what help if any my 9 year old would get in German second language tuition to help her catch up. If anyone could help me i d be most grateful or ask any friends who maybe teachers as its hard to know. I was told that she may have to go to an international school but we couldn't afford that. If she cannot attend a German school then we are considering living in France on the border but then my husband would be commuting at weekends from Munich. Don't want to do that really but might have to as a last resort, please if you have any info i d be most appreciative. louie.   

started by: Chipie-4886 · last update: 1376648609 · posted: 1376250881

We will be in Munich for a week from Aug 26-30 and we would like to find a German language summer camp for our son. Any suggestions?

started by: Rebecca Farrar · last update: 1375726090 · posted: 1374177641

Are there any mother and baby groups for English speakers in Munich you can tell me about please?

started by: Pretzels · last update: 1373736889 · posted: 1372708521

I'm looking for a Brownies group (or similar) for my daughter to join this September. Any ideaas? We are in the Erding area.

started by: John M Brown · last update: 1365453409 · posted: 1364935020

Does anyone send their child to a Montessori school? What has been your experience and would  you recommend it for other children.

started by: Rebecca Farrar · last update: 1364934880 · posted: 1364414106

Iàd like to send the kids to an Easter egg blowing and decorating workshop. Do you know of any taking place in town this weekend?

started by: Pretzels · last update: 1364546744 · posted: 1364414177

Are any of the big local parks organising Easter egg hunts on Sunday or Monday?

started by: Pretzels · last update: 1361483054 · posted: 1361024503

Does anyone know where I can buy a body pillow made of pillow as opposed to beans?

started by: Pretzels · last update: 1360870240 · posted: 1360669283

I am looking for a private piano teacher for the kids who speaks English. Do you have a recommendation to share with me?

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