Finding a Nanny

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Can anyone recommend a site or a company they have used to find an English speaking live-in nanny please?


John M Brown 1407493787

Have a look here Brian:

Brian Hallas 1407775253

Great, I didn't think there would be so many to choose from!

Annapurna-10036165 1449586300



I am British and a nannz/PA and more than happy to discuss this with you.Please feel free to contact me. I have ofcourse refs.


I am available immediately and pref. looking for a live in position but not essentia

Look forward to hearing from you Brian if you wish. I am free over xmas and new year!


Latipheko-Phekoo-855160 1459853724

I have recently moved to Munich and wanting to meet new people online. Annapurna-10036165, do you like in Munich? I am looking for advice on how to best find nanny positions. Thank you!

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