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Please  I need help,  I move out of my apartment since December 31 and still didn't get my rent deposit. What should I do?

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Can anyone help me get to the bottom of this? I am applying for a passport for my baby daughter and from what I can understand, I have to send off both parents' original passports to London.  Can this be true?

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Can anyone tell me what documents it is necessary to have to get married here in Germany?

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I need to find an English speaking accountant to help me get my affairs in order and explain how to fill out my tax form here in Germany for next time round. Any personal recommendations please?

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Hello all, I am an EU citizen and have an offer to work in Munich. Before I accept it and resign my current position I'd like to verify the following: from the moment I am employed and registered in Baviera, my non-EU wife will automatically be entitled for a work permit, right? This seems to be the norm in the EU countries but still I'd like to know if any of you can confirm this either from personal experience or knowledge in the matter. Thank you very much! P.

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking divorce lawyer to me please?

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