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Can anyone recommend a good organic and gastronomic restaurant in Munich centre please?

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I am looking for a diabetic friendly Easter egg in Munich for my son. Can anyone help?

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http://www.fodors.com/world/europe/germany/munich/review-575506.html Has anyone been to the restaurant Dallmayr? What did you think?

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does anyone know where i can but marmite or a similar product.

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Which is your favourite Wirtshäuser in  Munich? I'd love to find somewhere to take my mum for a great beer and a Wiener Schnitzel when she comes over in 2 week's time.

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I have found all sorts of nuts here including pecans and macadamias but I can't find brazils anywhere. Have you seen them??

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Following on from my veggie thread, Ive noticed there seem to be a lot of great looking  Indian places;  Coming from the North of the UK we used to do a regular pilgramage to Mumtaz in Bradford..;the best kashmiri food ever.  Plus we cook good indian food at home so we know what we like. The main problem here in France is the indian restaurants tend to be a bit on the bland side and they commit the heinous crime of saying a meal contains panneer (indian cheese) and substituting laughing cow or cream cheese !!   Can anyone personally recommend a central Munich indian place (have picked a few off trip advisor) and when they say home made cheese on the menu, will we really get REAL panneer?   Thanks in advance!

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Can anyone point me in the direction of  a chain or organic supermarkets in Munich I can try?

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Hopefully visiting Munich for the hifi show in May, can anyone recommend any good veggie/veggie friendly restaurants over there? We are over in Brittany, France and they tend to try and insist that the pig is a vegetable here so wondering if its more enlightened in Germany!

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