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The temptation to spend money received as a gift from various relatives is often too great for me but this year I am determined to save a large portion of it! Ideally I'd like to put it in an account with a good interest rate which is not immediately accessible so I don't feel tempted to dip into it if I spot some designer shoes in the sales somewhere .... where's the best place for my money?

started by: jeffi · last update: 1408036039 · posted: 1402938680

I am looking for a wedding venue no more than an hour from central Munich. Do you have any recommendations?

started by: German Guy · last update: 1407854726 · posted: 1407854726

Does anyone happen to be going to Zagreb in the next week by plane? If so please get in touch.  

started by: Pretzels · last update: 1407775388 · posted: 1407775388

Do you know if Huggies nappies and wipes are sold in Germany? I just found out that Pampers test their products on animals so I want to change my baby onto to another brand I feel more comfortable with asap!

started by: German Guy · last update: 1404492755 · posted: 1404152961

Does anyone know of any English language radio stations I can tune into in the car here in Germany please?

started by: jeffi · last update: 1402406886 · posted: 1401640562

We are looking for guest house accommodation in the Neuhausen area of the city. Does anyone have a suggestion please?

started by: leelu · last update: 1401746406 · posted: 1401746406

Hi, just moved to lindau, Bodensee and am looking for a  1.2 mtr satellite dish, if anyone can recommend a supplier I would be grateful.

started by: Brian Hallas · last update: 1399410796 · posted: 1399410796

We have a lot of old baby stuff to sell. Does anyone know of a car boot sale we could go to?

started by: John M Brown · last update: 1397763533 · posted: 1397481700

I would like to do a CELTA certificate to help improve my chances of getting a job in a language school. Does anyone know where I can do one here in Munich?

started by: Pretzels · last update: 1389037575 · posted: 1389037575

Is anyone interested in a German-English language exchange with myself (a US national)?

started by: Brian Hallas · last update: 1388694834 · posted: 1387487976

I would like to attend a few antiques fairs in the new year to look for items for my new home. Can you recommend any in the downtown Munich area? I prefer weekends.

started by: Rebecca Farrar · last update: 1386710409 · posted: 1384981545

My son is already starting to bother me about buying a tree. I'd like to get  real one that won't drop too many needles and as we have always used a plastic one I need some advice!

started by: John M Brown · last update: 1386095996 · posted: 1385652359

I would like to know where I can go in Munich to find traditional Hanukkah foods? I'm talking latkes, sufganiyot, that sort of thing. Thank you in advance!

started by: Pretzels · last update: 1385985179 · posted: 1384981356

What is the traditional German Christmas dinner? I will be staying here for the first time this year and I'd like to know what to expect as I have been invited for Christmas lunch at a friend's house.

started by: roamingbear-512461 · last update: 1384537005 · posted: 1384451799

HI Can any of you tell us the best Christmas markets or regular markets which are quite large/busy around xmas time (for selling hand-crafted art/gifts) ? We're NOT looking for the kind of xmas market where they set up permamnent chalets - we're more interested in independent craft markets. We are market vendors oursleves (with all the papers etc), and we'd like somewhere that would let us set up a stall just for 1 day or whatever. We're only interested in the region close-ish to the borders with France / Switzerland. Advice much appreciated Thanks very much

started by: Gigi-873765 · last update: 1384427368 · posted: 1381911959

Can anyone recommend a good place to hire for a Christmas party for up to 50 people?

started by: Pretzels · last update: 1384277756 · posted: 1383678512

I tried twice to learn German unsuccessfully in the UK and I really need to get it cracked this time. Can anyone recommend a book or CDs I could use?

started by: John M Brown · last update: 1383846719 · posted: 1383846719

I'd like to celebrate Thanksgiving with other Americans if there are any here in Munich. Any suggestions where I could go?

started by: German Guy · last update: 1383589993 · posted: 1383589993

I need to ship a couple of large boxes back to the States fairly quickly. What are my options guys?

started by: John M Brown · last update: 1383157551 · posted: 1383157551

I know i have left it a bit late but I need to find a costume for tomorrow night. Do you happen to know of a costume store in Munich please?

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