Cheap (ish) snow boots for kids

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I have been trying to find some decent snow boots for my kids - I want them to be strong and waterproof enough for purpose (playing in the snow for hours on end), but don't want to spend a fortune on boots they'll hardly wear and outgrow by next winter. Back in the UK I know our local market has a stall which sells them, just wondered if anyone's seen them on any of the markets here?


JoJo-873778 1358677684

Have you tried Deichmann??

MikeyMonkey 1358681826

Check out Aldi - I got some last year there and they are still going strong. We get the leaflets in the junk mail with the current offers - always worth checking out!

Pixie-873779 1358689757

I am pretty sure I saw some in C&A - they have quite a good selection of ski and winter clothing usually

Oscar1986 1358713134

Try Kik - they have cheap stuff there and I find the quality is fine

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