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I'd like to treat my friend to a day of pampering for her birthday and wondered if anyone has been to any of the day spas and can personally recommend somewhere special. Ideally somewhere central would be good or within public transport limits as neither of us drives and I can't afford to spend a fortune on taxis as well - thanks!


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Try Just Pure Spa on Siegesstrasse - it's bliss! You can also go to their shop in the 5 Hofe at Maffaistrasse 6 - you can sample their treatments their without an appointment if you want a taster!

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Check here:

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Depends on how much you want to pay. For a birthday treat I went to The Charles Hotel for an overnight stay and spa pampering - absolute bliss but obviously not cheap! I don't know if they do day spas or if it's just for guests. You could check with them.

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If you want to save money why not buy some beauty products and make a "day spa" at home - Aveda products are lovely

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