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German Guy



I'd lke to buy some local cheeses direct from the producers. Can anyone point me in the direction of a farmer's market or even a farm shop? I have a car and the will to travel!


JoJo-873778 1361614584

Kaese Abt is a specialist cheese and wine supplier - they have 3 shops in Munich in Pasing and Schwabing - I'm sure you'll find a good selection of local cheeses there


German Guy 1361821670

Dear JoJo, thank you very much for your useful suggestion.

John M Brown 1361983686

What are some local German cheeses just out of interest? Is there anything similar to Wensleydale? I really miss that!

Pretzels 1362126594

Not sure if you knew but Germany is a massive cheese producer and boasts 600 different types! I like the Emmentaler hard cheese but a few other well known ones include Bavarian Blue cheese or Cambozola (which is also blue), the 'fragrant' Limburger soft cheese and Mainzer Kase which is a sour curd chese. I love them all!

John M Brown 1362424180

Thanks Prezels!

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