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Are there any gyms with a swimming pool? I'd like to get fit but not sure I just want to do the gym machines - ideally would like a combination gym with a pool. If not, does anyone know if the municipal pools do ladies only sessions or general lanes - don't really fancy trying to dodge everyone splashing about! Thanks Suzy


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Some of the bigger hotels have gyms and pools which non-residents can use - I know the Arabella has one and maybe the Bayerischer Hof or the Marriott hotels would be worth a try. Other than than I know some of the municipal swimming pools have fitness studios - Nordbad defintely does - the opening times are here:



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McFit are quite a big chain - do any of their branches have a pool?

Personally for swimming I like Dantebad - there's a 50m pool so you can do a bit of serious swimming as well as a hot tub type thing and 2 or 3 other unheated pools. They are open all year round and the colder it gets, the more people seem to love swimming in it (the heated one, not the unheated ones!)



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One of the nicest pools in Munich is Pasing on Weinbergerstrasse (tram 19 or bus 57 - stop Westbad) - has indoor and outdoor pools and whirlpools including a 25m pool. They do aquafitness classes there so you could combine the swimming and the fitness in one go!

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