Samsung Galaxy v Nokia Lumia

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My contract is up and I want to change my phone. I have a basic Samsung but would like a touch screen phone. Going on friends' recommendations I've narrowed it down to two either the Samsung Galaxy or Nokia Lumia. Which one should I go for? How does the battery power compare? Anything I should bear in mind about either of them?


Suzanne -873777 1359716402

I have the Lumia 610 - I like the Windows apps and find it really easy to use. It's faster than the Galaxy - I am thinking of upgrading to a 920 next time I change my phone.

FootyFan 1359721792

dont know about the nokia - saw a comparison of the Samsung galaxy ace v iphone and its supposed to be better than the iphone. Mines an HTC - great phone

Yorkshirelass-873780 1359725527

I have the Nokia Lumia 800 - have to say the camera is fab! Best one I've ever had on a phone

ChloeH 1359963929

Thanks for the tips - still undecided not really sure what will swing it for me

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