What is Schufa Auskunft?

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I have been staying with a friend but now I want to rent a flat of my own in Munich. Someone mentioned a "Schufa-Auskunft" that the landlord might need to see. Is this some kind of credit / background check - how can I find out?


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Basically it's a credit check to see if you're good for the rent! More information (German site) here: https://www.meineschufa.de/index.php

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There is actually information in English http://www.schufa.de/en/en/home/ too. The Schufa information is not just used by landlords, but for all credit deals you may enter into e.g. car loan, getting a credit card or mortgage. I don't know how long you've been here for you to build up a Schufa history. General advice for making your Schufa better: stay within your credit limits, make all paýments on time and don't overstretch yourself on credit or it will have an adverse effect! Good luck!

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