Where to go ski-ing for a novice

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I'd really like to learn how to ski - always wanted to do it and feel I should take advantage of being here to actually do it! Which are the best places for a novice i.e. ones that offer some sort of instruction? Can I hire skis etc? What do I need to buy? Any tips / info ?  


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I would suggest you try Rottach Egern which is at the south end of Tegernsee where there is a slope with a lift which is great for beginners and doesn't get too busy. You can rent equipment from the ski school shop nearby and they do offer lessons as well. Good places to buy ski clothing are C&A and Karstadt sports - it won't cost the earth, but you will need to be well wrapped up as it's pretty cold once the sun goes down.

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Before you go I would suggest you make sure you have health insurance which covers you for any possible breaks. My friend went skiing for the first time last January, was actually just standing not skiing when someone crashed into him from the side and smashed his leg. He had to have several operations and lots of metal pins in his leg and 6 months off work (pretty critical for someone who's self employed like him).

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Sport Shuster has a ShiSchool (Skishule) its quite good to get you started


about the gear - while you are learning, no use of having your own, very important are the boots and a good helmet!

Clothing - If you want to feel cozy and warm be in mind that it will set you back a couple of hundred euros, a good skijacket and ski trousers are life savers in the slopes!



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Thanks for the advice - where's the best place to buy ski boots and is there much difference between quality for cheaper / expensive ones - is it better to spend a bit more and get some decent ones ?

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Most welcome!

Now it’s a great time to buy any kind of gear - Sales season. The price and quality its only important once you have more experience in the slopes and need to have speed, resistance and technique. As a learner, ask at any shop - sport shuster or sportscheck for beginners gear - they speak English and are always helpful. Nevertheless, the average prices for medium quality ski boots are around 200€/300€.

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