Which opera for young people?

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My nieces (11 and 13) are coming to stay later this year (April)  and I would like to take them to an opera . They are both into current music and we have already have tickets for Lana Del Rey so they won't be missing out. Just wondered which opera would be good to take them to first - don't want to put them off it for life. I'm not a passionate opera fan but it's nice as to do something different once in a while - any suggestions please?


sunshine-873784 1361781271

Mmm not sure - one I wouldn't take them to is The Magic Flute. It's a great opera but probably too long to keep them interested. Others might disagree. Have you looked to  see what's on when they are over?

Brian Hallas 1361821523

What a great idea! I have never thought of taking young people to the opera but it is probably a great form of education and a real insight for them!

Suzanne -873777 1361894264

What about something like Madame Butterfly or Carmen? Saw both years ago but really enjoyed them.

John M Brown 1361907932

I also saw Carmen as a young person, (12 or 13) and have great memories of it!

Pixie-873779 1361908414

If there isn't a suitable opera on when your nieces visit you could always take them to a ballet instead. I think Sleeping Beauty is on in April

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