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Hello anyone out there know of  Christmas letting in  the area I was - many years ago, sadly, a student in Schwabisch Gmund, the Fachhoch schule and would love to spend a Christmas break there.or near. We have houses in Normandy, a sea side village facing Mt st Michel, one house which we rent and would be keen to do a house swap. We never see snow!!!!  We do have a small dog, Cocker spaniel, and we love to rent to dog owners. Always leave the place tidy! Any ideas Gross gut! Alex

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can anyone tell me how to delete photo albums from an iPad Generation 4 ?

started by: Carrie-Ann-873769 · last update: 1381911324 · posted: 1381738891

I bought some gorgeous sandals whilst on holiday in Italy earlier this year, but the heel has been knocked clean off - where is the best place to get them repaired well?

started by: jonnybgood-880244 · last update: 1381778291 · posted: 1381219101

I washed a jacket without realising my passport was in the inside pocket. It looks completely unusable now. Can I go to the Brit consulate and get one issued immediately as I travel around on business quite often so I can't afford to wait several weeks for a new one?

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I am thinking of joining a car sharing scheme as I don't need a car on a regular basis - can anyone give me any information / tips on how to go about this? Are there different car sharing companies?

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Does anyone know if there is a 'Comedy Club' style open night mic here in Munich?

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Where can I get a nice suit to hire for a wedding in a couple of week's time?

started by: SteveR-873767 · last update: 1381131980 · posted: 1381131980

If you still have any vouchers left over from the Oktoberfest there are some places where you can use them even until the end of the month or into November - see here for more info http://www.oktoberfest.de/de/article/Aktuell/Meldungen/Wohin+mit+den+Wertmarken+nach+der+Wiesn_-2-_/2190/

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So far I don't seem to have had much luck with digital radios. The first one I bought drives me crazy because it keeps automatically retuning right in the middle of a song I like and I don't find the sound quality that brilliant. I bought a Panasonic CD player / Ipod docking station with DAB radio. Although it comes with a big plug in aerial the radio has never worked. I took it back to the shop initially, but as I needed a CD / Ipod player I have kept it for that purpose only. Do digital radios actually work reliably?

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Are there any informal art groups which hang out and make art and hang out?

started by: JoJo-873778 · last update: 1380747932 · posted: 1380662142

Is there anywhere which does gift hampers with a mixture of the wooden Xmas knick knacks plus German food and drink to send to the UK?

started by: Carrie-Ann-873769 · last update: 1380221464 · posted: 1380095717

Can anyone recommend a reasonable hotel for a group of friends who have decided pretty late they are coming to the Oktoberfest for a 'cheap break'. I have told them some hotels put their prices up so I know it won't be easy - any suggestions please?

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I'm looking for a gospel choir to join this coming autumn. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I speak German so that's not a problem.

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I would like to rent a skip for this weekend if possible. Anyone know a company I can call on?

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Hello just thought I would give this a try. I have just bought a Z3 BMW from the UK and need to change the lights to left hand drive. Does anyone know of a scrap yard or best place to buy them? The car is 2002 and started life there so who knows. Many thanks please reply to snpelliott@gmail.com

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I am looking for a good mobile offer for people who spend time out of Germany regularly. Any suggestions?

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Have been taking German Language Lessons for almost 2 months and would like to know if anyone would be interested in practicing conversation one on one. In exchange I would love to help improve your English. Let me know if interested.  

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Any recomendations for a good read for expectant mums? I'd lke to find a book (in English) which deals with both the psychological and physical aspects. Thanks in advance.

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I would like to find some original jewellery for a friend who is very much in to all things eco-friendly. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I know that Birkenstocks are German. Does anyone know of a factory outlet where I can perhaps buy them at a reduced price?

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