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I am looking for a piano tuner who speaks reasonable English in Munich. Any recommendations?

started by: John M Brown · last update: 1372370176 · posted: 1372103688

Can anyone recommend an English speaking florist I can hire for a wedding we are planning? I'm looking for someone who can come up with ultra modern floral creations.

started by: Brian Hallas · last update: 1371757886 · posted: 1371757886

I need to find several large rolls of bubble wrap, can anyone advise me where I can find these in Munich?

started by: German Guy · last update: 1371464045 · posted: 1368898832

I am thinking of buying a new model Dyson, the DC37 animal turbine to be precise. Can anyone who has it tell me if the accessories are really that amazing at removing hair? The reason I am asking is that the allergy version is a whole lot cheaper but I have pets so perhaps i really do need to splash out?

started by: German Guy · last update: 1371404125 · posted: 1371404125

Can anyone tell me of a supermarket open Sundays in Neuhausen?

started by: judith-909564 · last update: 1370625572 · posted: 1370625572

could anyone tell me the name of a plasterboard supplier in germany please

started by: Brian Hallas · last update: 1370462427 · posted: 1370293137

Do you know if there are any charities to which we can donate to help victims of the floods here in Germany and the Czech Republic?

started by: nag champa-403771 · last update: 1368609868 · posted: 1368609868

Hello good people of Munich!   Just wanted to say what a fab time we had in Munich, we came for the hifi show at the MOC. If you missed the show, you can see our reports that we are uploading here now  http://hifipig.com/category/hifi-shows/  more to come soon! You live in a fantastic city and it is so friendly and clean, absolutely loved it!!!   And it was surprisingly good for vegetariens too!   Thank you and see you again soon!!

started by: Bunky B-873762 · last update: 1368378569 · posted: 1367221284

Are there any forest schools or pre-schools in Munich? I've heard it's a big thing in Germany which is now being replicated in parts of the UK. I love the idea of children learning in an outdoor environment.

started by: Suzanne -873777 · last update: 1367352843 · posted: 1367332707

Hi! I'm looking for work from home to fit around my young family. I speak fluent German and my French is quite fluent. I am computer literate in most MS Office applications and have vast experience in translating, proofreading, admin, event organisation, database creation and management and fundraising. I can turn my hand to most things - does anyone have any suitable vacancies for me?

started by: JoJo-873778 · last update: 1367262320 · posted: 1366915220

Is there a good vintage clothing store in Munich?

started by: Suzanne -873777 · last update: 1366921518 · posted: 1366555640

We are considering getting hamsters for our kids and would appreciate any advice / tips before we buy - thanks

started by: Sundance-880236 · last update: 1366878994 · posted: 1366876411

Any recommendations for a motorbike school that does lessons in English? I am particularly interested in a fast track course - anybody know if they are available in Munich? Thanks

started by: new2munich · last update: 1366831993 · posted: 1366285251

I recently noticed that church tax is being automatically deducted from my payslip. My boss told me it was because I must have put on a form that I am religious - I think I ticked a box saying Christian equivalent without thinking. I am not actually a church goer so do I have to pay this tax? It's quite a chunk of my salary and it's not that cheap to live here anyway. What happens if I do not pay the Church Tax? Will I get into trouble with the Finanzamt? Will they reimburse me for what I have already paid?

started by: FootyFan · last update: 1366801979 · posted: 1366790612

WOW! What a night - what a trouncing for Barca! http://www.thelocal.de/sport/20130424-49331.html

started by: Kira-873771 · last update: 1366726922 · posted: 1366703195

My friend is married to a German buy but they have a very volatile relationship and she is keen to get some relationship counselling.  Does anyone know anyone they would recommend? The husband's English is pretty fluent, but a therapist who is fluent in both would probably be best. They have two small children so they really need to get themselves sorted. Can anyone recommend someone for them please?

started by: Spongebob-880234 · last update: 1366447099 · posted: 1366447099

There are loads of bank holidays in May - just wondered if there's anything special on any of them?

started by: Carrie-Ann-873769 · last update: 1365759642 · posted: 1365689161

Does anyone know of any acupuncture clinics here?

started by: Yorkshirelass-873780 · last update: 1365687151 · posted: 1365603100

I would like to do some voluntary work helping the homeless and wondered if there is a charity in Munich e.g. a soup kitchen where I could volunteer? Anyone know of one or any other charities looking for volunteers?

started by: Cormac-873781 · last update: 1365619773 · posted: 1365507425

Is anyone planning to take part in the Munich marathon (or half marathon) on 13 October and interested in meeting up for regular training sessions. If you want more information about the marathon itself - check here: http://www.muenchenmarathon.de/

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