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This is a great site (German only) which helps reunite owners with their lost bikes: http://www.fahrradjaeger.de/fahrrad-diebstahl

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I have an old Dell computer I no longer need and want to get rid of but would like to know how to strip it down of any personal information so that even if it goes to the dump no-one can use anything of mine that's still on it - no idea how to go about this, can you help?

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I have been learning German for a few months now but would like to practise conversation one:one with someone in exchange for English conversation. Anyone interested?

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I don't have a tv but one of my neighbours tells me I should have a tv license - are they right? I don't plan to get a tv in the near future anyway

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A bunch of performing fleas due to appear in Rhineland Westfalia have succumbed to the cold weather, poor things http://www.thelocal.de/national/20130331-48855.html

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any idea where i can get some easter eggs from - been invited to a mates place and they have 3 kids

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Oh dear  - this is really sad, the snow and slush are having an adverse effect on baby rabbits and hares in Germany (everywhere else too probably) http://www.spiegel.de/international/zeitgeist/hares-and-rabbits-are-freezing-to-death-this-easter-a-891673.html

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This will brighten your day - I think it looks great! http://www.thelocal.de/society/20130325-48735.html

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Can anyone tell me what the general opening hours are over Easter? I know in France Good Friday is the big holiday and Easter Monday is just a normal day with schools opening etc.

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When you are out walking with your dog be on the lookout for poison. I have heard from several people soem nutters who hate dogs are putting out poison to catch unsuspecting owners. How ridiculous this is, but I would hate for my dog to die just because someone has a personal vendetta. There is also a group on Facebook page called Münchner Giftköder-Alarm which is putting out alerts on where poison has been found https://www.facebook.com/MuenchnerGiftkoederAlarm

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Do you know anywhere I can take old (really old) mobile phones for them to be either recycled or sent to more disadvantaged people to be reused?

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Just wondered if anybody applied to get wohngeld and how to go about it to help a friend whose German is very limited. Tips/ advice/ experience appreciated. Anyone got an idea of the threshold levels? What sort of documents do they ask you for?

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Is it just me or does winter seem to be really dragging its heels? I keep on the lookout for the first signs of spring but I read that the German Met office is predicting the winter weather will last at least until Easter - great!! Oh for the long lazy days of summer lying on the grass eating ice cream, reading a book ... almost impossible to think of in this chilly weather

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If anyone's interested there is the Munich Dog Show on 31st March and 1st April at Olympiahalle. You can take your own pampered pooch with you but will need to show your Impfpass and proof of a valid rablies vaccination. More info (in German) here: http://www.wochenblatt.de/themen/chill/artikel/Oster-f-eier-fuer-Hunde;art7774,161753

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The last time I sent a coat with a lambskin panel on it, the skin part came back feeling like cardboard. Can anyone recommend a specialist cleaners in Munich for this type of material?

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Any would be wine buffs out there? I have recently become interested in learning more about wine rather than just buying the cheapest plonk and quaffing it. Is anyone else out there interested doing wine tasting to learn more about types of wines and wine pairings. It would be really nice to know which wines go best with which foods so maybe I can impress my friends when I invite them round for dinner.

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I moved into my current apartment after the previous tenant (an old lady) died. The landlord had it redecorated but it was pretty basic with a simple sink unit in the kitchen. I fitted an IKEA kitchen fully intending to just leave it in situ when I move on for the next tenant but apparently that's not the case - I have to remove it. It won't fit in my new apartment which has a completely different size kitchen. Any suggestions? Where do I stand legally if I don't remove it?

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I have been toying with the idea of having my teeth whitened but have no idea what it actually costs - anyone been there, done it and can tell me roughly how much? Or even recommend somewhere to get it done?

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Just wondered if anyone uses twitter? Or Facebook? What's the difference?

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Can a computer buff explain to me how to turn a pdf file into a word document without destroying the page layout? Thanks so much for your help.

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