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After my kids going on my computer and somehow switching off my antivirus (at least I assume that's what happened) I've now got avast free download. I've bought my kids a laptop and paid for a comprehensive antivirus package which covers up to three computers and I would like to install it on mine. Do I need to uninstall the avast or can I keep both so I get double protection?

started by: Suzanne -873777 · last update: 1363592394 · posted: 1363193685

Anyone know of any special events we could take the kids to over Easter?

started by: Joe-873783 · last update: 1363252250 · posted: 1363252250

Hoping the weather will be nice over Easter would like to venture out of the city and go hiking but not sure where to start. Ideally would like somewhere offering hiking which is not too strenuous but  too easy either and preferably accessible by public transport if possible.

started by: German Guy · last update: 1362424180 · posted: 1361483276

I'd lke to buy some local cheeses direct from the producers. Can anyone point me in the direction of a farmer's market or even a farm shop? I have a car and the will to travel!

started by: Kira-873771 · last update: 1362423988 · posted: 1362140466

My colleagues and I seem to go to the same old, same old places for lunch near Marienplatz - can anyone recommend somewhere different that's really nice, but not too expensive - also needs to be able to serve a group of us (usually around 6-8) pretty fast as we get an hour for lunch!

started by: JoJo-873778 · last update: 1361908414 · posted: 1361615092

My nieces (11 and 13) are coming to stay later this year (April)  and I would like to take them to an opera . They are both into current music and we have already have tickets for Lana Del Rey so they won't be missing out. Just wondered which opera would be good to take them to first - don't want to put them off it for life. I'm not a passionate opera fan but it's nice as to do something different once in a while - any suggestions please?

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Anyone know how to import a pdf into microsoft publisher? I looked online and it said i need adobe reader then i can browse and insert my pdf. I have adobe but no browse / select file option. Its driving me crazy - any simple explanations on how to do it please!!!

started by: new2munich · last update: 1361618793 · posted: 1361267530

Looks like I'll be here longer than I thought so I need to sort out some healthcare insurance - lots of companies to choose from but which one to go with?

started by: Carrie-Ann-873769 · last update: 1360919087 · posted: 1360830790

My family plus guests are coming to visit and I'd like to put them up in an apartment rather than a hotel or B&B.  I've looked on some sites which offer private apartments but wondered if anyone can recommend one they've actually used ..

started by: Drachsi · last update: 1360910579 · posted: 1360910579

I started the Munich City Guide in 1996 as a hobby, and it is still a hobby. If you have a local website, perhaps we could exchanged links. Pete

started by: Rebecca Farrar · last update: 1360701901 · posted: 1360669477

This is my first pregnancy and I have no idea about maternity wear; where to buy it and what I need. Any advice to share with me?

started by: new2munich · last update: 1360610240 · posted: 1360505755

Really useful link for anyone wanting to learn German online http://www.dw.de/learn-german/german-courses/s-2547

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Anyone know of an Asian store where I can get fresh chillies, basmati rice, a good variety of spices, home cook popadums etc?

started by: Sasha-873768 · last update: 1360610082 · posted: 1360571126

I'm looking for someone who could look after my dog for a long weekend sometime around Easter as I am not keen to put him into kennels, but will do if I have no alternative.

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Does anyone if any of the bio laden do a home delivery service?

started by: JoJo-873778 · last update: 1360311875 · posted: 1359534734

I'd like to treat my friend to a day of pampering for her birthday and wondered if anyone has been to any of the day spas and can personally recommend somewhere special. Ideally somewhere central would be good or within public transport limits as neither of us drives and I can't afford to spend a fortune on taxis as well - thanks!

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Do you enjoy singing? You don't have to be the world's best singer - anyone can come and join in with singing the Passion and Easter section of Handel's Messiah with professional orchestra and soloists. Donations on the door go to the church. Please aim to arrive before 2pm when the singing starts. Should be great fun and last approx 1 1/2 hours. At Church of the Ascension, Seybothstrasse 4, 81545 Munich.

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Can anyone recommend a catering company here in Munich?  It's for party food and drinks for around 20 -30 people.  

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I read online http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/eu-driving-licence-comes-into-force-8458029.html that new EU driving licenses are to be introduced. Anyone know when they come into effect in Germany?

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Which is the best antivirus to use for a PC?

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