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My contract is up and I want to change my phone. I have a basic Samsung but would like a touch screen phone. Going on friends' recommendations I've narrowed it down to two either the Samsung Galaxy or Nokia Lumia. Which one should I go for? How does the battery power compare? Anything I should bear in mind about either of them?

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Hi everyone - just to let you know there is a great sale of English-language books, magazines and DVDs tomorrow from 3:00 - 7:00 pm and on Saturday from 11:00-3:00 pm. It's at the Jesuskirche, Waldluststrasse 36 in Haar, (10 mins from S-Bahn in Haar). For more information click here: http://ilembula.de/aktion/booksale-english/ Everyone welcome - please come along!

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Are there any classes in English in Munich anywhere? My friend and I would like to join. We do speak some German but would like to find a class leader who speaks some English.

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A friend of mine back in the UK has asked me to find out information on studying for a degree in Germany for her 17 year old son. She read in the UK newspapers that many students are opting to study abroad because of the increase in tuition fees for UK universities and Germany is a popular choice. Her son would like to do medicine and has German to GCSE level but is far from fluent. Do any universities offer courses in English? Do students have intensive German lessons? How would she go about finding out more information - any advice welcome!

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Can anyone give me some guidance about selling personal items on eBay or similar sites? How reliable is PayPal? What happens if you post and the buyer says they haven't received it?

started by: Suzanne -873777 · last update: 1358713134 · posted: 1358608531

I have been trying to find some decent snow boots for my kids - I want them to be strong and waterproof enough for purpose (playing in the snow for hours on end), but don't want to spend a fortune on boots they'll hardly wear and outgrow by next winter. Back in the UK I know our local market has a stall which sells them, just wondered if anyone's seen them on any of the markets here?

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I'd really like to learn how to ski - always wanted to do it and feel I should take advantage of being here to actually do it! Which are the best places for a novice i.e. ones that offer some sort of instruction? Can I hire skis etc? What do I need to buy? Any tips / info ?  

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Is it possible to get Sky tv here or are there other ways to receive English tv channels?

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My 4 year old daughter told me her new year's resolution is to learn to do ballet properly so I am keen to find a nice class for her. She speaks a bit of German but is not fully bilingual so a teacher who speaks English/some English would be great. Any advice?

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Looking for somewhere to take the kids for more than just an hour or so. Have done the cinema, park, museum stuff - would like somewhere indoors, warm where they can let off steam for a couple of hours ....

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Are there any gyms with a swimming pool? I'd like to get fit but not sure I just want to do the gym machines - ideally would like a combination gym with a pool. If not, does anyone know if the municipal pools do ladies only sessions or general lanes - don't really fancy trying to dodge everyone splashing about! Thanks Suzy

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Happy New Year everyone - hope it's a good one and all your hopes and dreams come true!

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I have been staying with a friend but now I want to rent a flat of my own in Munich. Someone mentioned a "Schufa-Auskunft" that the landlord might need to see. Is this some kind of credit / background check - how can I find out?

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Another year almost over, a new one about to begin! Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy 2103. This time of year always makes me think about what I'd like to achieve over the next 12 months - good intentions not necessarily fulfilled. This year I plan to save up and travel more .. what's your favourite destination?

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Got a bit of Christmas money and thought I might treat myself to a tablet - can't afford Ipad so I've had a quick look at the alternatives. There is a 64 GB Blackberry Playbook for cheaper than a 16GB Kindle Fire, but which one should I go for and as a tablet novice, what do I need to be aware of, i.e. can I watch films and tv on both, download music easily etc etc. Would appreciate any tips before I commit!

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Whatever you're doing today, hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, peaceful 2013!

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Are there any shops open over Christmas - just in case  I need a last minute bottle of wine or milk?

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The temptation to spend money received as a gift from various relatives is often too great for me but this year I am determined to save a large portion of it! Ideally I'd like to put it in an account with a good interest rate which is not immediately accessible so I don't feel tempted to dip into it if I spot some designer shoes in the sales somewhere .... where's the best place for my money?

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Can anyone recommend a good portrait photographer in Munich to take some family photos - preferably candid, not too formal - cheers!

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My kids will be getting a tablet this Christmas and will no doubt disappear into their rooms to try out all the functions, apps and so on as soon as possible. They already have Facebook accounts with me and another relative as friends so we can check them to make sure they are only friends with people they actually know! I just feel with the tablets I shoudl put some restriction on sites they can access. There are so many spam and sites I don't feel are appropriate. Do I just tell them not to go on certain sites (which may make them more tempted to try and access them) or is there a way of filtering access which I can set up before they get them?

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