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I want to learn Russian to be able to make basic conversation, but I don't have the time / want to commit to going to a language school every week. I saw an ad for "earworms" language app - can anyone recommend an audio Russian language course?

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looking for a good site for e-cards - there's quite a few to choose from so any feedback from anyone who has used one recently would be great - not really bothered whether it's one where you add your own photos or not ...

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I know you can buy the real thing everywhere and I  love it - nothing beats strolling around the xmas markets in the freezing cold clutching a beaker of hot gluhwein but I would still like to try and make my own rather than popping into Lidl to buy a couple of bottles so if you have a recipe you;d like to share, feel free Cheers!

started by: Bowiefan · last update: 1355085339 · posted: 1354173260

been to Echt Optimal and had a look at their range of vinyl. I'm looking for a couple of particularl titles and am prepared to search every shop until I am successful. Are there any other record shops (actual shops not online places - I like to browse!) in Munich?

started by: Joe-873783 · last update: 1354979347 · posted: 1354622391

Are there any rules or restrictions for putting up outdoor Xmas decorations, e.g. on a balony? Just asking cos I know there are sometimes odd rules here in Germany and dont want to offend anyone or upset my neighbours?

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Where can I buy a sledge for the winter? Not sure whether to go for the old fashioned wooden sturdy type or the plastic tray ones - where's the best place to buy one?

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My family is visiting just before Xmas and I would like to take them for a day or two somewhere really nice, not too far from Munich - say within an hour or two (max) and wondered if anyone can recommend anywhere - nice hotel/ restaurant - somewhere with a great view - possibly good for a short hike .... Thanks

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I recently got a dog from the tierheim. He's a very lively 4 and a half year old mutt. I love him to bits but he's a bit daft sometimes and I'm sure he would benefit from some sort of dog classes even just basic ones for behaviour. Has anyone been to one which they can recommend?

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Hmm Christmas is looming and present ideas are being mooted in our household and the big discussion is which mini tablet is the best...  How do they compare (other than pricewise) - is the Apple one the best - how good is the Kindle Fire? Anyone got any of these gadgets ?

started by: Suzanne -873777 · last update: 1354371632 · posted: 1354312046

I know they are here in the shops in abundance but I would like to try my hand at baking my own Christmas cookies etc. and wondered if anybody's tried making stollen or lebkuchen and has a failsafe recipe they could pass on. Thanks Suzy

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i didnt buy windows 7 as xp was fine but now that windows 8 is out im beginning to wonder if i should hang the expense and go for it - have heard its a lot different to windows 7 , mixed reviews - menu hard to follow etc. etc. is it worth changing to it

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I'm new to Munich - will be here for a year or so and want to make the most of my time here. If you had to list 10 must see places to go, things to do etc. etc. in Munich what would they be? I don't wanna miss a thing!

started by: Suzanne -873777 · last update: 1353859732 · posted: 1353607657

I heard that electricity prices are set to soar and a friend told me I should look into comparing tariffs between companies. He recommend this website http://www.verivox.de/landing-sem.aspx?ca_source=gaw&ca_pos=1t1&ca_cid=138364153&ca_agid=4703408768&ca_adid=18325241048&ca_chid=2001759&lpid=4&gclid=CIqh3JiH47MCFebLtAod0V0AoA You type in your postcode and annual consumption and it gives you an instant comparison. My gut feeling is that it's all a swings and roundabouts thing - what you save now by switching, you'll make up for later when the new company increases its prices. Is it really worth all the hassle of changing supplier to save a few €?

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Is there a market in Munich which is good to buy fresh fruit and vegetables? In Berlin there is Winterfeldplatz every weekend - great market and lots of great cafes in the neighborhood. I would like to find a similar place in Munich.

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I was getting off the Ubahn and my Ipod slipped out of my bag onto the platform - luckily it didnt fall on to the track. Sadly the screen is smashed - the Ipod works but I need to replace it as the glass is quite lose. Is there an apple shop in Munich or an apple dealer who could replace it - also anyone know if there is a difference between going to an apple shop or registered dealer - ie do they charge different prices for the same thing

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I'm new to Munich - will be here for a year or so and want to make the most of my time here. If you had to list 10 must see places to go, things to do etc. etc. in Munich what would they be? I don't wanna miss a thing!

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My computer is going slow and I know I need to clean it up a bit. Last time I got a tech guy in it cost me €60 which I don't feel like spending at the moment. It seemed a pretty straightforward thing to do - just need a few pointers in the right direction - cheers

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I like to make crafts especially during these long winter nights. Does anyone know of a craft shop which supplies thick wool felt?

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I know there's loads in the shops here but as a keen baker I'd like to try making my own. I've found a few recipes on the internet but wondered if anyone has a 'tried and tested' fail-safe recipe? I would also like to make truffles to give as presents and I'm looking for ideas/recipes - thanks!

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Has anyone got any good ideas for an Xmas present for a very active 10 year old boy ... I'm looking to spend around €30. Suggestions gratefully received - thanks.

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