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If anyone is interested Democrats Abroad are hosting an election night party at Wirtshaus am Bavariapark (doors open at 7:00 and there is special entertainment from 8-11:00. The election returns will be shown from midnight.  The kitchen will be serving food all night. Tickets cost €30 per person and include €15 in vouchers to purchase food and drink during the evening. Although this event is organized by DA, everyone is welcome! For more information and to purchase tickets visit: http://electionnight...ventbrite.com/.

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Is there a company which sells German goodies e.g. Lebkuchen etc and ships internationally? Looking for something for Christmas presents - thanks

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I can't decide where my favourite place is - it's a toss up between Eisbach (Englischer Garten) on a crisp bright winter's morning or the river meadows (Isaurauen) another favourite place for a stroll. Where's your favourite place in the city ... and why do you love it so much?

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If you're looking for something to do tonight for Halloween the Kartoffelhaus in Schwabing (U2 Hohenzollernplatz) is hosting an annual Halloween dinner, drinks and tonight with the theme of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Reservation recommeded 089 303677.

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I need to get my flute serviced and wondered if anyone can personally recommend a good music shop to do this as I know the nearest one might not necessarily be the best (I used to do a 40 mile round trip in the UK rather than go to my local music shop as they weren't as good so I am willing to take it anywhere in Munich) ... thanks

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A friend of mine is running a pottery course in English on 24th and 25th November at Hei on Worthstrasse. It runs from 10am-2pm and there are a limited number of places available. If you fancy coming along, sign up soon! More information here: http://www.hei-muenchen.de/downloads/winterprogramm1213.pdf

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Anyone been to see it yet?

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Is there anywhere in Munich which is popular for trick or treaters? Any Halloween parties anywhere? Any other suggestions for fun things to do on Halloween?

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Anyone know where can I hire a sanding machine from and which is the best varnish for covering a sanded floor which will last as I don't want to have to re do in 6 months time?

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I will be travelling back to the UK on 2 November and will have space for 2 passengers if anyone is interested & needs a lift

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What's the best place for coffee and cake in Munich - somewhere with really scrummy cakes and a variety of coffees matched with a old-style interior or modern - don't care as long as the cakes are to die for!

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I went for a walk in the Englischer Garten with friend yesterday. I took my new camera with me for the first time and took some beautiful autumnal pictures. We stopped for a drink and I managed to leave my camera behind, not realising until a good hour or so later. I retraced my steps back to the Hirschau and lo and behold someone had actually handed it in! I can't tell you how relieved I was. It was a recent birthday present and I was stunned to find it there, beliveing it would be long gone! Thank you so much to the honest person who handed it in! You have restored my faith in human nature. I was totally convinced I'd never see it again. Thanks again!!

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Does anyone know of a cheap airline flying from Munich to either Nice or Toulouse ?

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Just wondered as a woman who will be out on my own sometimes in Munich how safe Munich is - are there any areas to be avoided (haven't come across any so far)? Public transport - how late does it operate?

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Hi everyone - I am new to the Munich area. Just moved from Berlin in fact and would like to get to know some new faces. If anyone is interested in a tandem conversation exchange please get in touch. It would be great to practice my English and help you with German language.  

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Hi, Im pretty new to Munich and would like to know where the best places to go are durign the Oktoberffest cheers Joe

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