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What is your favorite German Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle Blog? And, if they also blog in English, that would be great.  Thanks

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Hi All Does anyone know where i can find someone near Haidhausen to administer insulin injections daily to my partner for a few days while we are in Munich ? as we are moving there soon..and have come to see properties.  Do the large pharmacies do it for example ? or do i need to find a local health centre ? thanks very much for any help.

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Can anyone suggest an English speaking at-home hairdresser I could use please? (I really speak very little German ashamedly).

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I have been reading all the information on Angloinfo concerning the health system in Germany. I am looking at the possibility of moving to Germany and retired from the Royal Air Force some 9 months ago and so do not want to retire fully. Can I use my military pension as an income and pay the mandatory health insurance?  Or do I have take out private insurance? Look forward to advice.   Rergards   Riichard

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I am looking for a German equivalent of Savlon antiseptic cream. Can anyone recommend something?

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I would like to give hypnotism a go in curing my intense fear of heights. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I need someone who can treat me in English too.

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I am looking for child friendly cycle routes in the city centre, can anyone advise me?

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I am looking for a gentle, English speaking orthodontist for my daughter who, I believe, requires braces. Can anyone give me a recommendation in Munich please?

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Does anyone know of pilates classes which are run in English? Many thanks.

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I am looking for a hairdresser in Munich specialising in Afro hair. Any ideas guys?

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Do you know if there are any support groups for Rhumatoid Arthritis sufferers here in Munich? I obviously don't expect them to be run in English.

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I would like to find a gym offering a raesonable day arte for those who don't want to take out a yearly subscription. Does anyone know of such a place?

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At 4 months pregnant i'm starting to worry about getting stretch marks and ways to prevent them. Can anyone recommend a brand of cruelty free products available here in Germany I can try?

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Anyone know a shop which has a good range of flat shoes for women. All the ones I see are very grannyish.

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Can anyone recommend a beautician that does China Glaze manicures?

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Just wondered if yanyone can confirm, we have EHIC cards, is that all we need to bring with us for holiday health cover? What do you do if you need to see a doctor urgently, is it just a case of showing the carD?

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking dentist in Munich please?

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My partner and I are in need of a hairdressers specialising in afro hair. Any suggestions for Munich please?

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