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Anyone know a shop which has a good range of flat shoes for women. All the ones I see are very grannyish.


JoJo-873778 1363163872

Most flat shoes are - I know what you mean. I'm a flattie lover myself and it's really hard sometimes to find fashionable shoes without heels. There are some nice 'ballet pump'-style shoes around but I have wide feet and they pince my toes. Have a look at the shoe sections in the department store - I have had a couple of pairs found by chance when I wasn't really shoe shopping!

Orka 1363255622

I can't wear heels due to a back problem, and it can be a nightmare trying to find something pretty enough to wear with a going out dress! Someone needs to start a store specialising in stylish flatties! Which department store do you reccomend JoJo?

JoJo-873778 1363336196

Kaufhof on Marienplatz is usually a good one to try

Orka 1363336490

Great, I'll go take a look on my next free day.

JoJo-873778 1363338803

Deichmann usually have a good selection of shoes - they are pretty cheap but the quality's not bad for what you pay. I have some nice flat ballerina style pumps I bought a few years ago there which are still going strong!

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