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We have recently adopted a kitten and are looking for ways to keep him entertained during the day when we are at work. Do other cat owners have ideas to share please?


Rebecca Farrar 1405442451

If you have a garden or balcony you can set up a bird feeder so that your kitten can do some "bird spotting"!! they love this. When I leave for work I always fish out my cat's toys from under the furniture or make some instant ones from balls of silver foil.

Brian Hallas 1405539409

Fish in a very secured acquarium are another good option. I had never heard of the bird feeder idea but that is a good one!

John M Brown 1405686283

I would always suggest adopting 2 kittens (preferably litter mates) as they provide hours of fun for each other, as well as affection. Try seeing if there is another similar aged kitten at a local refuge you could take on.

Pretzels 1405962110

Some great ideas guys! Thanks to all of you for the suggestions.

Espanola 1406041974

My bichon frisé keeps my kitten entertained all day long ( I have Ipad video evidence!). Another pet is definitely the best way in my opinion.

Pretzels 1406662126

Just to let you know we took your advice and adopted a second kitten at the weekend. So far the two are having a ball and tiring each other out. Thanks for the advice!

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