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We have a little Jack russell terrier called Jimmy who's very cute and we are besotted with him. Most of the time he's a good little chap but he does have one strange habit. If one of us leaves the room he sprints to his food dish as a kind of nervous reaction and has a little chomp on his biscuits. If someone comes to the front door he goes wild, chomping the cushions and has even bitten the back of the (lucklily pretty old and faded) sofa! He doesn't get left home alone often and is not destructive when we leave him, just has this strange nervous little habit ... suggestions welcome!


Brian Hallas 1361024773

It does sound rather strange but as you say yourself, it sounds like a nervous tick and I wouldn't worry too much. These little guys tend to be quite sensitive and there are many more annoying habits he could have.

Sasha-873768 1361119652

Are you leaving food available all the time for your dog? I was told you should put the food down in the morning, leave it for 20 minutes and if it's not eaten remove it and then feed again late pm

Brian Hallas 1361383687

I leave mine available all day and it doesn't affect my dog's behaviour negatively although I have heard the same thing about removing after 20 mins. I'm not sure that is the problem with regards this little Jack Russel though.

Pixie-873779 1361440066

You can use Bach flower remedies to calm dogs down - our vet recommended it for a dog who was afraid of fireworks - maybe he needs something to calm him down a bit and then he won't be so nervous.

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