Processionary Caterpillas

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I have heard that in Europe there is a danger to pets from processionary caterpillas. Can anyone tell me if this danger exists in Germany and how I can protect my dog?


sunshine-873784 1362555802

I hadn't heard of them. but I looked on google and apparently these caterpillars are starting to spread here now! Maybe someone can tell us what to so if we see them!

German Guy 1366225299

They can cause death if a dog comes into contact with them. I used to live in southern France and there, if you find a nest of them you have to call the council who will come and set fire to the lot!!

Sasha-873768 1366272896

So what do they look like? Just a line of caterpillars marching along? Are there any vaccines for dogs?

German Guy 1366372715

The processionary caterpillars are lava or the silk moth and they come down from pine trees looking for food. They walk along in long lines hence their name. There is no vaccine that I am aware of.

WildMan-873774 1366385143

Had to google to find out what these guys look like - kinda cute when you see them all in line but when you read the effects of ingesting their hair ....

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