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German Guy



I have heard that rabies shots for dogs last 3 years here, (compared to only one year in France), can a dog owner in the know confirm whether this is true please?


Rebecca Farrar 1390253615

I actually have a friend who comes to munich from France especially for her dog to have his rabies shot for this reason! So yes as far as I know it is true!

German Guy 1390818559

Thanks for the reply. Good to know!

Ebert-Allan-112396 1390823526

Sorry to put a downer.  In the UK it is every two years.  Some five years ago one dog missed his innoculation anniversary by two days!  The vet said, not to worry, he would test the dog and provided all was well backdate the new injection.  Well he tested the dog and there were no antibodies in his blood! So we had to start all over again! 

For my dog's sake I am very glad it is every year in France.  We live between France and Germany and thus I suspect have no choice anyway. 

Just wanted to warn you: not that the chance of catching Rabies is high in Munich!

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