Very long Lead

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I need to buy a very long dog training lead (for recall practice). Any ideas where I can buy one in Munich? It needs to be about 10 metres long.


Sasha-873768 1366966760

I just used some plastic washing line - much cheaper and longer. You can also cut it up so you have more than one length to start training the dog from a shorter distance and progress to a longer one.

Pretzels 1367269496

Sounds like a good idea but doesn't that tangle easily?  The longes I had in mind are really quite wide so they don't knot up.

Oscar1986 1367308007

You should be able to get the type of training lead you're looking for at Haus des Hundes on Bayerstrasse

Pretzels 1367352920

Fabulous, thanks Oscar

Pretzels 1367519459

Just to let you know that I found the lead Oscar and that we have begun some recall practice. My dog seems to be responding quite well (for her)! Thanks for your help.

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