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Smartkat provides outdoor enthusiasts with innovative watersports gear and the inspiration to explore the outdoors. At Smartkat we want to create the next generation of water sports equipment, nurturing experiences that take the joy of both sport and travel to a whole new level.Smartkat is the industry leader for inflatable lightweight sailing catamarans designed for single-handed sailing: transport, setup, and sailing without the help from others. Back in 2006, we came up with the idea to create a sailing boat out of a suitcase. The modular concept of our catamaran allows fitting the entire boat in two bags with a setup time of only 20 minutes. We are proud of our product, Smartkat is the lightest and the best performing inflatable sailing catamaran in the market. Our boat got rewarded with a “Beaufort 6” wind force certification as the only inflatable sailing catamaran in the market.Since the very beginning, we are proud of our founding idea, the patented centerboard construction, which is the heart of every Smartkat and the main contributor to reducing the weight of the catamaran. This innovation accounts for the performance and the character of our catamaran.At Smartkat, we are committed to doing things differently and equally committed to living every facet of our vision. Our team members are innovators in both sailing and travel, the perfect Smartkat ambassadors. We believe in the invigorating power of water, wind, and travel - just as much we believe in innovation and technology. Also, our global partners producing Smartkat parts share our commitment and lifestyle.All Smartkats are crafted by hand with quality in mind - German engineered and produced in Steyr, Austria. Passion, function, and design come together in our boutique-style manufacturing facility. We are proud that all our team members are passionate sailors and ambitious to improve the performance of the boat.Taking care and minimizing the environmental footprint is our guiding principle for developing sustainable Smartkat products. It is at the core of everything we do and integrated throughout the manufacture of Smartkats.

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Does anyone know where I can watch international rugby matches live in or near Roermond in the Netherlands?

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Does anyone know of a beginners' salsa class held mid week in Munich?

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I would love to see the Germany Portugal match on Monday in a festive atmosphere. Is it being shown outdoors anywhere?

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I will be in the city on Thursday night and I would like to attend a celebration of the opening ceremony of the world cup. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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I am interested in finding some people to set up a weekly game of 5-aside footy. Is anyone interested and free on a Wednesday night?

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We are thinking of getting out of the city over the Easter weekend. Can anyone recommend a place for a nice, quiet countryside break no more than an hour's drive from Munich?

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Do you know of any outdoor ice skting rinks being erected for the Christmas season? I would like to take my niece hen she comes to stay next week.

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a local mountain biking group I could join?

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Do you happen to know of any open-air pools in the city please? We won't be taking the kids away this summer so that sounds like the next best thing!

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I have a Ducati Multistrada bike and I am looking for other enthusiasts with whom to go on rides at weekends. Feel free to get in touch!

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Does anyone have a pair of tickets to sell me for the BMW tennis open?

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Does anyone know of a group that does Nordic Walking? Or Maybe some people who would like to start one?

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