France Translated - Translation and Integration Services

France Translated was set up by Nathalie Bailey and Nicola Lambert after Nicola realised how owning a French second home could be very stressful when dealing with the French bureaucracy . The aim of France Translated is to make life in France as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

We help the English speaking community in Normandie to settle in France and we try to make the experience as pleasurable as can be. In our daily routine we make many phone calls to tax offices, medical centers, prefectures, translate and more. Nathalie also teaches French and English and she has helped many English speakers over the last few years. We also enjoy the social aspects of our job. We meet people from all walks of life and this makes our job very interesting indeed.

The services we can offer include:-

·         Organising services contracts, electricity gas, water, telephone, internet

·         Recommending tradesmen, organising quotes

·         Organising property cleaning

·         Completing forms relating to properties, income.

·         Organising property/Gite rental.

·         Drafting letters in French.

·         Building permits  (Permit de construire  application does not include the plans needed for the permit ) it solely includes  completing forms

·         Building declaration forms (Declaration  de travaux etc….. (completing forms)

·         Diagnostic report summary in English)

·         Managing solicitor’s meetings (organising meetings)

·         Organising insurance (getting quotes and contracts)

·         Organising Fosse Septic (off mains drainage) survey 

·         Finding architect

·         Communication with the Mairie  

·         Making a will in France (appointment with the notaire)

·         Setting up as an self-employed  artisan (Auto-entrepreneur/micro-enterprise business setup)

·         Document translation service  (maximum one side A4 size)

·         Property visit each month (100 km limit from our base)

·         Getting medical care in France (Application for a Carte vitale)

·         House purchase diagnostic report summary in English

·         Managing solicitors meetings

·         Organising insurance with the insurance companies

·         Assistance with registering, cars, trailer, caravan etc certificate  of conformity

·         Dealings with problems (neighbour disputes etc...) 

·         Getting registered with a doctor

·         Organising property cleaning 

·         Formalities after the loss of a family member

Contact details France:-

Tel  02 33 37 19 20  

Mobile 06 77 29 20 14 

Email :- [email protected]

Contact Details UK:-

Tel 0044 7741 45 63 07

Email:- [email protected]