Libby Translation

Qualified Experienced Professional Freelance English French Translator Interpreter. My name is Libby Rose Geisler. I am a qualified and experienced freelance French English Translator Interpreter. Born in Australia and schooled in France in bilingual schools since the age of 10, I am perfectly bilingual.

I passed my Certificate in Translation with Words Language Services Dublin in 2014 after studying General Translation and Short Documents, Marketing, Advertising, Tourism Translation, Legal Translation, Technical Translation, Commercial Translation, Social, Political, EU translation, Scientific translation, and Computer translation. I now live in Bernay, Eure, Normandy, France with my French husband and my two bilingual sons.

I have been working as a freelance translator Interpreter in France since 2010 for individuals, companies, organisations and translation agencies.

I am available to discuss your expectations and needs by email or phone for personalised services tailored to your needs.

I offer document translation, in-person and telephone interpretation and administrative assistance.

Provided below is a non-exhaustive list of my services:

  • French <> English Document Translation for Companies and Organisations: Commercial correspondence, translation of administrative documents, user and maintenance manuals, technical notices, catalogues, brochures, website texts, quotes, contracts, etc.
  • French <> English In-person Interpretation for Companies and Organisations: I can help you communicate or negotiate with a French speaking client, collaborator or other company for partnership negotiations, sale, or purchase, etc.
  • French <> English Telephone Calls and Administrative Assistance: I can call your French speaking customers, suppliers, partners or buyers to request quotes, ask questions, request a document or information, negotiate a sale, etc. I can also help you with French administrative tasks and forms.
  • French <> English Document Translation for Individuals: Private correspondence, Curriculum Vitae, cover letters, hospital reports, quotes, notices, website texts, rental contracts, etc.
  • French <> English In-person Interpretation for Individuals: I can accompany you to appointments (medical, legal, school, bank, real estate, etc.) or for renovations and quotes or any of your other needs here in France. 
  • French <> English Telephone Calls and Administrative Assistance: I can call your French speaking contacts to request information or quotes, book or cancel a reservation, make an appointment, help you fill out forms, research, help you enroll in a French school, etc. Help for Expats living in France. 

Whether you have decided to live in France full time or if you have purchased a holiday home in France, I can help you get through the French bureaucracy and assist you with your daily life in France.

For more information you can visit my website or contact me via e-mail or telephone +33 952118866.