TM Insurance - Underwritten by Allianz, the biggest insurance company in Europe, we are a team of English speakers with 20 years’ experience working exclusively with other Anglophones living in France. 

Whether you need to insure your car or home, are looking for 100 % health cover or a top up health policy, or have a business in France, we can help you with a wide-range of insurance needs. 

Our English-speaking team is here to provide quotes, help with enquiries, answer your questions and guide you through your claims. 

Most of our documents are translated for you into English as we feel it’s essential that you understand the policy that you have taken out. 

Feel free to call us for a chat on 0321 111 710, contact us by email at 1098171@agents.allianz.fr or fill out our online quote forms on www.tminsurance.eu