French Web Portals

Tourism in France.
At Random in France
Regions and traditions of France.
The Rec.Travel Library
Travel notes for the whole planet, supplied by Internet users over the years. Choose "France".
France On Your Own
Site for independent travellers in France - also quarterly print newsletter.
Economist Country Briefings: France
Information from The Economist and the Economist Intelligence Unit on France: business and politics.
Gatstronomy, fashion, travel and more.
Destination France (Lonely Planet)
The Lonely Planet guide to France.
The French information centre.
Travel and real estate.
A collection of French resources.
France Diplomatie
Official site of the French diplomatic organisation, with practical information about France.
Easy Expat
International relocation portal for expatriates moving and relocation abroad: Paris, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Montreal, New York, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan. Accommodation, jobs, international schools, health.
Country Briefing: France
The Economists briefing documents on France - economy, politics and more.
Resources on France and French culture.
Via France
French arts and entertainment.
Moving to France
EscapeArtist.coms guide to moving to France.
Expatica France
News from France, and some other expat info.
e-France Travel
Travel information for France.
Paris, but also the rest of France.
Label France
Magazine by the French Diplomatic service with articles on every aspect of France today: arts, science, society and tourism.