Golfing: Manche

Golf de Fontenay
Created in 1973 by Yves Bureau. 9 hole course , par 70. At 1 la Breche, in Fontenay (50).
Golf de Coutainville
18 hole golf course 9km west of Coutances at 6 ave du Golf in Agon Coutainville(50).
Golf de la Cote des Isles
Beautiful nine hole course close to the sea, near Barneville-Carteret. 9 holes. Created in 1990 by architect Didier Fruchet. All facilities. Closed Tuesday mornings. At Chemin des Mielles in St-Jean de la Riviere (50).
Golf Centre Manche
9 hole golf course at Le Haut Boscq in St-Martin DAubigny (50).
Golf de Granville Baie du Mont-St-Michel
Course with 27 holes. Par 71. Created in 1912 by Colt and Alison. All facilities. At the Chalet du golf in Breville-sur-mer (50).
Golf de Cherbourg
9 hole golf course at the Domaine des Roches, 5km south of Cherbourg in La Glacerie (50).
Golf de Brehal
This course was created by M.De Manneville in 1964. Par 62. At La Plage, in St. Martin de Brehal (50).