Libraries & Book Exchanges

Municipal Library and Mediatheque Louviers
Library at 47 rue du Quai in Louviers (27).
J Pruvot
Book & Fancy Goods Shop taking orders for English Language books. Based in Vire (14)
Bibliotheque municipale Francois Truffaut
Library, music, sheet music and more at Rue Joseph Lebas in Petit-Quevilly (76).
The Book Fountain
English-language library books delivered to your door. Once read, mail it back in your pre-stamped envelope. Log-on and get another.
Municipal Library Villon
Public library at Rue General de Gaulle in Belbeuf (76).
Bibliotheque-Mediatheque Municipale Evreux
Library at Square Georges Brassens in Evreux (27).
Caen University
The university has a collection of English language books, both ancient and modern texts, mainly literature. Monday-Thursday: 08:30-19:00, Friday: 08:30-17:00. At the Esplanade de la Paix in Caen (14).
Municipal Library Philippe-Auguste
Mediatheque at 12 Avenue Victor Hugo in Vernon (27).
Mediatheque Andre Malraux
Electronic library at Pl de la Republique in Lisieux (14).
Bibliotheque de la Grand Mare
Library at the Centre Andre Malraux, Rue Francois Couperin in Rouen (76).
Mediatheque Francois Mitterrand
Library and cultural centre at 1 rue des Redemptoristes in Argentan (61).
Caen Municipal Library
Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 09:00-19:00, Thursday 10:00-12:00, 13:00-19:00, Saturday 09:00-18:00. At Place Louis Guillouard in Caen (14).
Calibre Audio Books
UK charity, Calibre, supplies audio books in English on cassette or disk to visually impaired and disabled people. The free service is available to members (registration can be made via the website). Free postal service to anywhere in Europe.
Mediatheque de Jobourg
Modern public library with numerous events for young readers at Le Bourg in Jobourg (50).
Municipal Library Bernay
Library and cultural centre at rue de la Charentonne in Bernay (27).
Municipal Library of Rouen
Library at 3 rue Jacques Villon in Rouen (76).
Bibilotheque F.Truffaut
Library at Rue Francois Mitterrand in Petit-Quevilly(76).