Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Yacht Club Cabourg
At the Port Plaisance Club House on ave Commdt Touchard in Cabourg (14).
Port de Plaisance Fecamp
Yacht harbour for pleasure sailing with administrative offices at chauss Edouard Levasseur et Fils in Fecamp (76).
Mer Amitie
Association organising races and cruises and sailing lessons/courses. At 75 rue Jeanne dArc in Rouen (76).
Port de plaisance de Carentan
Marina facilities at Carentan. Administrative office at rue des Remblais (50).
Yacht Club de Barneville-Carteret
Pleasure craft yacht club with offices at Quai Barbey dAurevilly.
Sport Nautique du Havre
Le Havre yacht club on the Port des Yachts Quai Eric Tabarly. Busy schedule of regattas. Bar and club house. (French).
Marina Deauville Club
Marina club office at Quai des Marchands in Port Deauville (14).
France Station Nautique Le Havre
Marina, sailing, diving, water skiing, rowing and other water sports in Le Havre (76).